Paint Froze Need To Start All Over!

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yay.gif Thank the good lord! Ok guys all my paint is ruined but good news is it was crappy paint what kind should i buy i dont know too much about paints i have a paasche airbrush set not top of the line but good enough. Anyway whats the best stuff for me I love painting and am dyeing to get some new stuff now i have an excuse.

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Createx here as well. I paint in the house and don't want all the fumes associated with solvent based paints. The pigment is also ground finer in Createx as it is designed to be shot through an airbrush. I also like that it is a water based product which makes for easy clean up. Createx is also fairly cheap and readily available. There are other good paints out there. I just happen to like Createx.


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