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Norwegian Wood Lures

Finish Process Steps, Share The Steps You Use !

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I have been going threw the vzrious the tons and tons of fourms out there . looking at all of the topics and ive been thinking that a procces list would be great . What steps and products you use to get to your end lure .In such a way that we all could anilize all the differnt ways in a simple quick way . so it could go like this, (starting just after lure is finished sanded )


1) drill holes

2) put in eyes { lure parts online }

3) base coat { krylon white primer}

4) 2nd base coat

5) light sand

my be pictures would be great to !

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After my baits are finish sanded, I drill for the eyes and rattles, cut out the sections and finish sand them, add the hinge mortises, drill for the pins, add the screw eyes and hook hangers, adjust them for proper swim action, and add split rings and trebles.

I float them to determine how much ballast they need, remove the hooks, add the ballast, bondo over the ballast holes and sand it smooth.

Next, I prime the lures with rattle can primer, two coats at least, hit them with a hair dryer to insure that all the solvent is gone, and wet sand that.

Then I do my finish paint scheme.

If I want glitter, I add it now.

I pull the hinge pins, so the lures are in individual sections.

I add the eyes, and dip the sections in Target Coatings EM 9300 three times, drying with a hair dryer between coats.

They are ready to fish the next day.

Cranks only need one coat, and they're good to go.

Sorry no pictures. I'm photo challenged. :lol:

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