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Bang-o-lure Or Jerkbait Wood Lure Bodies?

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Check lurepartsonline.com. They have a few cigar shaped basswood bodies.

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thanks but not quite what i was lookin for anybody?

I dont know about any woodies, but Im very familiar with the Bang-o-Lures and Barlows sell clear blanks that swim very much like the Bagley..They come in 5" and I think they just discontinued the 7" version.. I've painted and used several of both sizes & was real pleased w/ the swim action.. I swam 6 of the 5" lures 2 weekends ago, final swim test after painting--- It was 58f outside, water temps in mid-30's, ice just melted off 3 days prior and I caught 6 small size LgM bass 2.25-3.75lbs..One even gave a nice jump, couldnt believe that early in the season..

I have a full unopened case of the Bagley Bang-o-lures in gold w/ black backbone that I purchased in 1978 or '79 for a trip to Quebec but never used.. I always bought 2 cases as the Pike ate 'em up.. Kept the one case & still have it....

Hope ya find your balsa blanks, if not try the plastic ones, they're pretty nice blanks..


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