Screw Eye And Snap Rings?

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When I have been making my wood wake baits I would screw the screw eyes in after painting and before clear coat. I was using closed eyes. I would then install the snap rings after the clear coat has dried, but the rings would get stretched. So now I use open screw eyes and I install the snap rings and close the eye and then install the screw eye just before clear coating. Now I have to use a small piece of tape to keep the snap ring from flopping into the clear coat while the bait dries on the rotisary. I'm wondering the steps and procedures some of you guys use for installing screw eyes and snap rings.



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@ CatchemCaro

I am familiar with that problem of the opening splitrings , but your solution sounds pretty complicated(though I am always chosing complicated processes as well :lol: ) .

Just use a little bit bigger splitrings , these won't bend open that much anymore , sometimes it also helps to rig the splitrings with a little more care ,........... do not push splitring over screw eye and hook eye at one time .

Splitrings of tempered steel(nickel , -or chrome plated) stay in shape better rather than stainless steel ones , also have a better pull test value , ...........but they'd start to rust sooner or later , if the plating becomes damaged , ........also they'd take more force to assemble .

If slightly larger rings don't match your lure size , you may also look for thinnner wired screw eyes(thus be able to assemble smaller rings) , far as I'm concerned , there are three different thicknesses available , I order mine from My link .

good luck , diemai :yay:

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