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Strike King Lure Eyes

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Hoghunter    0

I'm not sure what you mean by "pearl" eyes. Most good eyes are 3D holographic. Check out this board sponsor, he is a great guy to deal with.

+1 hes awesome ... I just started doing this whole bait painting hobby. and if it wasnt for jim over at predator bass baits. (and this website) I would have been lost. But thanks to guys like Jim and resources like TU im painting away like i have been doing it for years

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Lure--Prof    11

Does anyone know where I can purchase the exact lure eyes Strike King uses? I'm talking about the pearl eyes not the red ones. I have used WTP but they are slightly different.

I know what you're talking about, they're great eyes, really gather and reflect light! Wapsi, at makes Hologram dome Eyes they call Mirage Eyes. These are what you're looking for. WTP doesn't make an eye like this one.

The "predatorb" eyes Mad Bass links to, is Predator's Pearl Eyes, and looks very much to be the same deal, with the same effect.

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