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Before I bought my first airbrush, I did a lot of research on here. As it was, I went with a kit from that included a compressor and the PS900 airbrush and the PS800 airbrush. Very reasonably priced kit.

The compressor is very quiet, and works well, and the airbrushes spray well. I had a problem with the PS900 in that the threads in the nose cap were crossthreaded. I discovered this when I took it apart for cleaning.

I e-mailed Clint Wilder, and he sent me a warranty form. Within a week, I had a new airbrush in the mail. Very impressive service. He did not ask me to do this, but I feel like exceptional service like that deserves a kudos.

I can't say how these airbrushes compare to Iwata, but they work pretty darn well for starting off.


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Glad your getting good service from him. He sent me the wrong parts several months ago and hasn't bothered to answer numerous emails or phone messages. His "service" was a huge factor in my decision to buy an Iwata. Hope you have better luck with him than I did.


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