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Tu Get Together In Clinton, Mo - 5-1-10

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I just returned from the Tackle Underground Get Together in Clinton, MO.

Met some great guys who enjoy doing what I like - making lures....and also learned some new stuff about forming balsa wood lures, moulding lures from poured resin, airbrush painting, making crank bait lips, and such.

There were several live demo's of the above by some very talented and experienced lure builders, and it was all broadcast on the net by the head honcho at TU. Good job everyone.

Our hosts Nathan and Debbie Bettencourt outdid themselves with their hospitality

and we had a good meet with a great lunch of tacos and all the trimmings compliments of Little Debbie. (Mrs. cool.gif...thanks Debbie for the good eats.

Before I left to drive back home to Greenfield, MO we all traded some lures......the boys up on Truman Lake call them "baits"....but when I think of bait - I think of a can of worms or a bucket of minners.

I was able to score some great "baits" from most of the guys when we traded I will closely examinine them....and will probably be trying to make ones just like them in a day or two.

Also had the opportunity to meet the head designer and former head guide for Bass Pro Shops in Springfield, MO. He showed us some neat lures that just hitting the market.....I guess if you were a fish - you might think it "stuff to die for". Anyway some really nice guys, who have some really fine talent for making fishing lures.

You should have been there !

Steve @ Little Bit Lures

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