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I am just getting started in doing a little topwater bait restoration. I have tons of old saltwater she dogs, top dogs, super spooks and skitter walks saved up. I am going to try to put some custum paint jobs on them. Just bought a Iwata Eclipse HP-CS airbrush gun. I am really new to all this and was just looking for some tips.

1. paints to use

2. what to use as clear coat ( baits are all plastic )

3. will this even work

4. my gun came with a .35 needle and noozle. I purchased a .5 noozle. Do I need a .5 needle to go with it? what about noozle cap?

owners manuel tells you nothing.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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You will need to purchase a .5mm nozzle and nozzle cap to go with the .5mm needle you have. You can think of it like this. You wouldn't try using .50 caliber ammo in a .30 caliber rifle. Even if you could somehow make the larger fit into the smaller the results would be disastrous to say the least.

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Thanks for all the help.

Glad I could help. As far as your question concerning paints and top coats it's a lot harder to answer. (that's why I didn't tackle it in my first reply plus I was hoping others would chime in) A lot of what you'll end up using will be personal preference. If you plan on painting in your home or apartment I would suggest water based paints such as Createx or Auto Air. (they're made by the same company) A lot of the more experienced painters use automotive type paints that are solvent based. To use these safely you need respirators, forced air paint booths and such as this. I won't even touch the topic of top coats other than to say I currently use Dick Nites. Envirotex Lite (Etex) and Devcon 30 Minute 2 Ton epoxy (D2T) are a couple of the more popular top coats. (both of these are epoxies) Others use various coatings designed for fishing rods and still others use various coatings designed for wood. There have been some pretty heated arguments about this topic and I suggest you use the search feature and read what others have to say about the various coatings they use. Hope this gives you a place to start at least. Good luck.


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