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Sealing Balsa Before Painting?

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Pikester- I have not had the pleasure of working Bass Wood, but when I was over there I did have the pleasure of feeling it, nice even grain and very light. I could not buy any because on my return, Australian Customs would have arrested me, then nailed me to the plank and floated me back. We are paranoid here (for good reason) about importing wood worms and borers, that would eat their way across the country like everything else we have snuck in over the centuries.

Saying that I would like to get hold of a lump, and I dare say I could probably buy some here somewhere.

Here is a link to a site with all your timbers and their properties - as you can see Bass Wood is 4 times the density of Balsa, but there are apparently a lot of grades in Balsa.


Ah cool. Thanks mate!

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