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Hi , folks ,

I am planning to order clear polycarbonate sheet material from a local site , ........they offer that stuff in an UV-protected version and another one without UV protection , .........the latter being about 15 % less expensive .

I am now wondering , whether UV protection is absolutely neccessary for crankbait lips , as far most of the time the lures remain stored in covered storage boxes not being exposed to sunlight .

Or are a few dozens of hours per year exposure to sunlight enough to damage them , ..........what could even happen to the non-protected polycarbonate , if remaining under sunlight for a longer period of time ?

Any opinions or experiences on this , ...........could probably save me some money ?

Thanks , .........greetz , diemai :yay:

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Dieter- the UV Polycarbonate they sell here is for the protection of anyone sitting under it (sunburn is a big problem here) rather than to protect the plastic structure - I assume the plastic there is the same, but probably better quality:angry:, so I would be saving the $15 and buying the cheap stuff.

Also used in windows to stop furniture/curtains etc fading, and on pictures to stop the paint/photos from fading.


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@ hazmail

Thanks for your explanations , Pete , .........so I'm gonna go for the cheaper stuff , ............gonna ask them , whether they could sell some left over small waste pieces for a bulk price , anyway , ........don't need no bigger sheets for cutting out lips from them .

thanks, ......greetz , Dieter :yay:

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