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Spraying Clear Coat, Airbrush Or Air Paint Gun? Solvents?

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Hey there everyone. I was wondering how you all Spray Clear Coat, I got some DN Clear (And some other clears I've wanted to try spraying) and I've been hearing about people Spraying it but I don't know what there using to spray it with, Let alone how to Clean Fast Drying clear coat out of an Air gun or Air Brush. How can you get every bit of the clear out when your done? What do you all Spray it with? Any help would be great. Thanks a lot guys.

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I dont spray a lot of clear coat, but this is what I do for DN. I cut it by mixing in 1/3 acetone to the mixture. I use a $12 Harbor Freight brush to spray it. Once I'm done I change bottles and flush with 100% acetone. Haven't had it clog up yet, but as I said I don't spray a lot of DN either.

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