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I have a question about spinners....I make 1 1/2oz, 2oz, and 2 1/2oz musky spinners.......the wire that I use for that is .041.....does anything think that is large enough wire for them or should I be using .062?? Any info on this would help....i just dont want them to be to weak for big muskies!!!


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Hi Greeno,

First, Welcome to TU!

It seems, you are using Do-It mold, model Style H Spinner Jig SJ-3H-X. If yes, you need to modify the mold a little to accept 0.51 or 0.62 ( your choice), since 0.41 is too weak for musky size spinnerbaits and you probably want to use bigger then 5/0 hooks. There was great post by Glaukus couple years ago how to modify this mold with pictures, but I'm unable to find it now for some reason.

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@ Greeno

Welcome at TU !

If I roughly calculate your measurements into metric(I'm in Europe), I think , that .041 wire is too thin , either for targetting big muskie and also in terms of the intended weight of your bucktails .

I've ben making a lot of spinners during the first years of my lure making carreer , and I've found , that wire shafts too thin for a spinners size and weight would constantly bend or kink under the tension of powerful casts and fighting fish .

It's not that even such thinner wire would not hold up to the fish well , but the constant re-tuning of kinked wire shafts is a nuisance . So you'd better go for at least the .062 dia. which is roughly about 1,5 mm ,...... should be OK like that .

good luck , diemai :yay:

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