Is Dn Lure Coat The Same As Top Coat? And How To Contact Dn

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I've been following the advice of the posters on this board about Dick Nite's product. BUT, I sent an order for Top Coat to Dick Nite

and was sent a can of Lure-Coat. After reading the label on the can several times and looking at my invoice, I came

to the conclusion that DN sent me the wrong product. I ordered Top-Coat not Lure-Coat.

Are Lure-Coat and Top-Coat the same products?

I left a voice mail and sent a email to DN and I'm disappointed that I don't get a reply from him when I asked the same question

and what's he going to do to remedy the issue. My invoice clearly states I orderer Top-Coat.

So, I can't start applying the final sealing coat on my lures until I get an answer as to what was sent to me from DN.

Thanks for any response.


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