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hi everyone, hope all is well.I started making muskie baits about two years ago .I have taken multiple 50inch and over on a certain style I made.It seems to work very well at night .how do Iget my lure out to the public? any info will be very helpfull.

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@ dilly dally

Welcome in here , ........maybe try making a video displaying your lure , it's action and , most important for possible sales , huge muskie caught on it . Put it up on "YouTube" .

Don't forget to add as many related tags as possible , so a lot of people would get to your vid there when utilizing the search function .

You should probably also create your own website for interested viewers to check out about your lure work more .

Good luck , diemai :yay:

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catch as many fish yourself on them as you can, take plenty of photos of them(fish) with your lures well displayed and get photos displayed in as many places as you can.this will show that they are tried and tested.

if you know any one who writes for any fishing magazines give them a heap of your lures to use and hopefully catch muskies on and then they may mention and include pics of your lures in their article.

also you can hand them out to some of your mates to use (the ones who catch lots of fish!) and get them to spread the word. we all ask a fellow fisho what he caught the fish on when speak to them on the water.

another option would be to go see your local tackle shop and see if they would buy some off you to sell in there shop. even offer the shop owner a few samples to fish with himself then he can decide weather he would sell them in his shop.

just a few idea i thought might help.

cheers JR...

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