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I am working on a new lure and wanted to run my idea by the forum and ask for tips and advice.

I have a lip-less minnow shaped pattern about 4" long and I don't know where to locate the weights. My thought is to drill a few pilot holes and use big screws for testing (moving the screws and checking the action)at the lake.

Any thoughts on testing procedures would be welcome, I just looking to cut out the useless steps my brain will make me go through.

Some information-

4" tapered minnow shape (flat sided)

Not jointed

No lip/bill

Not a through wire

I plan to have two hooks (Belly and tail)



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It sounds like you are making a small version of what the pike/musky guys call a glider, a slow sinking twitch lure. If so, I'd check out some of the European pike and musky lure building sites. I've seen one (but don't have the url) that has build instructions including ballasting for quite a few lures of this type. It would give you a ballpark idea of where it should be ballasted for good action. BTW, many gliders include some ballast toward the tail of the bait.

Maybe someone can help with the URL?

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