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Painting .

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#1 Ken The Fin

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Posted 08 July 2010 - 01:12 AM

I need help from anyone with acrylic color mixings and patterns .The names of the colors I`m looking for are ,Hommer ,Strike Kings Sexy Shad ,Mellow Yellow ,Classic Chartreuse and Mountain Dew .

#2 BobP


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Posted 08 July 2010 - 12:06 PM

There are all kinds of variations on those standard color patterns, so saying one is the "authentic pattern" would be mistaken. There are at least 4-5 different Strike King Sexy Shad variations sold by Strike King. Their original was pearl sides, a chartreuse stripe, gray shoulders, and blue back with a little glitter and a little pink shading on the belly. The gray shoulders separate the blue back and chartreuse stripe so that they don't mix to become green. The Homer patterns I see are a subdued chartreuse or yellow body with a bright green back. The Classic Chartreuse is a chartreuse body, green shoulders, and medium brown back.

How you mix different acrylics to get specific hues depends greatly on what brand, and sometimes which run of paint, you are mixing. Some guys use only Createx and have specific formulas - check out the Hardbait Cookbook recipes in the first thread on this page for some of them. But keep in mind that their recipe may not be the color you had in mind. If you are at a loss to know which primary colors mix to which intermediate colors, check out Color Wheel theory on the internet.

Most of the classic color schemes were invented by makers of wood crankbaits and many of them are still sold. Google Bagley crankbaits because they were one of the first mass producers of wood crankbaits and invented many of the standard color schemes. Zoom WEC is another maker that uses the old terminology for their color schemes. Then you can look at a BassPro catalog and see that most of the modern companies also sell the classic color schemes, just called by a different name.

#3 CL Rods

CL Rods


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Posted 08 July 2010 - 01:23 PM

Google, as suggested to review the colors or perhaps search photos in the Gallery.

Next get out your airbrush and paint. Layering light coats of paint on top of each other is often how certain effects are achieved versus 'mixing'.

If you are going to mix paint and want it to be one of your permanent color mixes, you need to take really good notes and save them. 1.5cc bright yellow, .5cc brite green, 1cc gold toner, 4 drops Med Brown, 2cc Med Bass Green = xyz color. If you don't you will struggle to duplicate it. Trust me I know as I dread when I run out of a couple I have mixed up. I have no clue what I did initially or that they would become some of my favorites. :o