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Thanks ahead of time with all my previous post. Right now am waiting on my lathe to make my saltwater poppers, but in the mean time I wanna make about a dozen inch to inch and half jerk baits. I have tried to search youtube with no luck but I was wondering what do I need for this. were can I buy the the parts. Any tips will help.

Thank you, Again


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@ bluefin1

There is a bit of confusion about the lure type "jerkbait" between American and European terminology , but if you're refering to sinking or floating gliders , you may check out

My link

It is a Dutch site , but an English version is available , .......a couple of building plans and other info on such lures accessible there .

Hardware(like screweyes , splitrings and hooks)I used mailorder from My link for many years , a shop located in Wisconsin , ........but there are also other lure component shops around .

A heap of links to fishing related sites and suppliers from all around the world you may find at My link

Nowadays such parts are also available in Europe at My link , more expensive , though ,....but delivery is naturally quite a bit faster and no hazzles with local customs occur .

good luck , diemai :yay:

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I think there's plenty of info on the site to guide you in the right direction, but if you're looking for specific instructions on a 1 inch long jerkbait, you're probably not gonna find it. Check here for general build info:

If you have questions on a particular topic, you can use the SEARCH function at the top of this page to get into numerous discussions on it.

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