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First of all let me say I've never actually painted a fin, but have read a few things about it. From what I can tell most folks use a stencil to paint the fin outline. The paint is sprayed a little heavier around the edges so it will appear darker there. Some people then use pens, sharpies or even sharpened pencils to draw in the fine lines that represent the bone structure. I would think a finely sharpened pencil would do well for the fine lines as it wouldn't react with the top coat of choice. There are numerous posts asking about sharpies and different types of pens smearing or bleeding when trying to top coat over them. The graphite in a pencil should not react with the solvents commonly used in many top coats. Hope this helps.


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Found this great photo online, this is what I am asking about.

As that is my lure in the photo you've supplied, :blink: perhaps this might help a little Dan..

Cut out a small stencil from acetate, use 3-4 colors sprayed w/the airbrush.. For a good looking fin dont place the stencil directly on lure body surface, rather keep it slightly off the surface when spraying & it will give you softer edges that add depth and a appearance of shadow that makes the fin "jump off" the body.. I glue a few pieces of toothpick to the stencil so it stays off the body.. On the fin in your attachment, I just did the outline in black, let some of the body color(copper foil) show thru for a very basic fin.. I usually use 2-4 colors and spray a little of the belly color on the very front of fin to blend into the belly..

You can do gill markings in this same method..

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Please understand that I only choose that photo because it was the best, hope I did not offend you.

Thank you for the comments, it seems like a bit of work but the outcome is outstanding.


Offend, not at all my friend..On the contrary Dan, most flattered indeed..haha..First time anyone found one of my lure pics to re-post..Always glad to be of some small help..

Yeah it is a bit of work too I agree, I get 10-15 lures all finished up painting, then sit down and do all their fins/gills at the same time to make it less taxing.. But its tedious all the same..


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