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Painting Crankbaits

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jeb    0

Hey guys,

I'm new to this forum, but I wanted to get some ideas about painting my crankbaits. I've poured my first crankbait using rigid casting foam. I'm satisfied with the result for my first try, but am having problems when trying to paint it. There are some open pores from the foam, and I need to know the process to fill these open pores. I've tried spray painting and sanding again and again, but it seems like I'm using a lot of paint to get the desired result. Should I dip paint the crank and then sand it down?Then spray paint it the colors I want. Is there some sort of filler I could use? I have heard of using a Devcon clearcoat epoxy to fill, followed by sanding and painting, and then clearcoat again. Does this work? What type of clearcoat works best a lacquer or the Devcon product? What is the Devcon product called?

Thanks for any help or information in advance,


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jigflipper    0

The product that I think most on this forum use is Devcon 2-Ton epoxy. It's readily available at Wal-Mart, usually near the paints section. Be careful, though, Devcon 5-minute is hanging right beside it and the packaging is very similar on both. Just be sure to look for "2-Ton".

I'm not familiar with the foam product you're describing, but the Devcon should fill the pores just fine and create a nice, smooth surface for you to paint on.

Good Luck, and WELCOME TO TU!!!

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