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A Little Color-matching Help, Please.

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IN_Fishrmn    0

I need some help matching colors on a Norman crankbait. They call it 152 Blue Pearl, and I want it in a Suspending Deep Little N, but it's only available in the non-suspending models now. I've purchased an airbrush and some Createx paints to practice with and need some help figuring out the closest colors so I can order them.

I have only one Suspending Deep Little N that is this color and I can hardly bare to throw it since the local lakes are filled with Tiger Musky and Pike. I've caught numerous Pike on it but when the largemouth bite is on it, that's where it shines.

Anywho, I'm looking for a paint manufactures' color that will closest match what I would call aqua blue with a hint of green in it.

Any ideas? The Createx Transparent Maui Blue looks kind of close, as does their Caribbean Blue. How easy can these colors be mixed for a custom color?




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luke1wcu    11

Caribbean blue is what you want. I would: start with an opaque white undercoat, then go over that with pearl white. Fade from the top down with the blue. Then add some glitter to whatever you clear coat with. Thats just how I would do this. I forgot if createx has a pearlescent light blue, but if they do, that might be better than plain caribbean blue. Or you could even add a touch of silver pearl to the blue to pearlize it. The glitter should do just fine though. I curious to see how others would interpret this recipe.


on a second look, I think I might see some green mixed in at the very top. If so, I'm way off. :?

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KandyBass    0

We call this color Dan Marino around here. I had a hard time matching it, but the paint store where I buy my paints matched it perfectly for me at no extra cost. Maybe you can check with local auto paint stores and see if they will match it. Hope this helps.

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