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Why Was My Thread Deleted/moved? I Cannot Find It..

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My guess would be that you were not asking a technical question that the picture was relevant to. Displayed work has to be posted in the gallery, this keeps the forums clear for technical discussion and problem solving.

Here is an excerpt from the rules, relevant to your question:

3. Each registered member is permitted a defined amount of upload space in the forums to display images or other attachments. This free offering is for technical use & NOT for exhibiting your work or for gaining feedback on your work. We require you to use the photo gallery instead to exhibit your work, which requires a Club Membership.

Our gallery has no current storage restrictions (try to get that from any other photo host) Also, members can comment, critique & even rate your work there, just as they would in the forums. The Forums are intended for technical Q&A discussions, please use the gallery for Showcasing your work.

Any & all posts made simply to display photos/images is prohibited in the forums unless your photo lends some insight to an existing question or discussion, otherwise will be removed without notice.


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