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Here is my version of an epoxy drying wheel, used in conjunction with the lure holders that I recently posted: http://www.tackleund...607#entry151607

Had a few problems with this build, sometimes it would have been better to just stay in bed and watch a James Bond movie.

The motor drive shaft was bent, I never noticed this when I bought it (second hand). So had to get creative, to allow the motor to wiggle while turning. It will do until I find a better motor.

I wished I had raised the wheel another 2", this will be corrected when I get the motor.

I had trouble fitting one of the base screws, just would not go in. Damaged the head, so removed it (with a struggle). Tried a new screw, with lubrication, same problem. Next, opened up the pilot hole a size, could not get the drill through. Assuming a knot (god I am stupid), I changed up to a more powerful drill and rammed that screw in. The wood split. All the time the screw had been hitting another screw I had already fitted in the end plate, DUH!!! Epoxied and clamped the split, all OK now. Don't know why I told you this, hope you get a laugh out of my stupidity.


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You did a nice job on the drying wheel Dave. Very professional looking. As far as the "boo-boos" we've all been there. I've had days when I couldn't throw my hat and hit the ground. I've often thought there should be a dedicated thread here at TU just so we could tell off on ourselves when we pull something monumentally "stoopid". No doubt it would make for a good chuckle.


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