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paint splatter

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dtrs5kprs    8

Couple of ways with the Paasche brush (milennium, or VL)...

Thicken up the paint and dial down the pressure using your regulator. This tends to cause splatter, just as increasing psi and thinning paint eliminates it.

You can also get splatter by increasing psi, and using sort of a "burst" technique with the trigger. Spray a little paint thru the brush as you normally would. Then fully depress the trigger, pull back to release paint, and release the trigger...has to be done as basically a single step, thus the "burst". If done correctly you should get a splatter of paint, similar to the splatter effect on bandit and norman cranks...takes some practice. It is an "aggressive" painting technique. Works best for me at about 40psi (not hard and fast) with a fairly thick createx paint.

Splatterbacks seem to be pretty popular right now. Not sure they are that much different than a nicely applied finish with accents and flake, but they probably do get a similar effect with less steps/time/$.

Hope it helps.

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Hughesy    72

I don't like to use my air brush for the splatter effect. I use a tooth brush. Just take the brush and dip the fibers in water base paint. Then with the fibers of the brush down, (facing the floor) I drawn them back with my finger and give the a fling at the lure. Its a little messy but the splatter turns out really good. If you are sold on using an air brush, Dave instructions are right on. Thanks Dave.

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