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Similar Properties Of Devcon 2-t Epoxy

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I've been having a hard time finding Devcon 2-T 30 min. epoxy here in Mass.Wall-mart used to have it but stopped carrying it as well as alot of other stores.Lord knows I'm not trying to start an arguement over Dick Nite or Envirotec;I want to know if another brand of epoxy has the some properties of Devcon.Mainly waterproof and non yellowing.I've had good results with Devcon and would continue to use it if I could find it.

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I'm not sure you'll find another epoxy glue like D2T (no one here on TU has reported if they have) but there are several "table top" or "decoupage" epoxies that are also popular, including Envirotex Lite and Nu Lustre. Table top epoxies come modified with a solvent to make them flow better and form a thinner coating than D2T, so need multiple coats and longer rotation times to avoid sags. Craft shops and home centers often carry some sort of table top epoxy. You can find 9 oz bottle sets of D2T on the internet. I order from the Old Texas Woodworkers Shop (http://www.texaswoodcarvers.com/)

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