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Awesome Colors!! & Chrome

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Tonight at our local Albertson's grocery store, I came across some amazing colors in fingernail polish! They are fairly new on the market and my wife told me that Wal-Mart also carries them.

They are both by Sally Hanson. One is called "Nail Prisms". They say, "A rainbow in every bottle." There were several different ones and each one contains multiple colors in it, kinda like the Hughes swirl effect. The other one was called "Chrome Nail Makeup" This stuff might be what some of you guys are looking for. It's pure, bright chrome! It would look great with a clear coat over it. And it came in other colors like gold chrome, pink chrome, etc.

I'm not a hard bait guy, but I've heard a couple people mention using fingernail polish in the past. I hope this stuff works for someone!

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Hey Guys, Be careful with that nail polish. Sure would hate to be known as the fisherman with the pretty nails. We'd better make sure we arent seen buying that stuff. :rolleyes: Just kidding of course. Might be a way to get some special colors.

Good job woodsac, Maybe your wife will buy it for us. :lol: OK, OK, I'll leave it alone now.

Peggy!! Will you run to Wal-Mart for me :?: See ya now.. :twisted:

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Hey guys I use nail polish all the time. :oops: My wife asks to use my supply all the time :lol: I used the new chrome polish on my blades on the spinnerbaits. A couple of coats of it and you have a tinted blade. It is transparent nail polish. I use red,blue and green chrome polish. I`ll have to try the rainbow nail polish. Will let you know how I like it.


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The chrome nail polish I used a few years ago would scratch and peel after a few fish.  A clear coat would always turn it grey.

Every chrome I have used to date turns grey when I clear coat it, even the "Sally Hansen Hard as Nails".  And yes, UV cure is what most of you know I use all the time.

But, maybe there is a true new product.......

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