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Guest Anonymous

I call this "Cooked Lobster" LOL

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I think it is a beautiful lure. Even if it did not catch fish (and I am sure it will) it would be a great conversation piece.

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Guest Anonymous


This particular lure was ordered and purchased by the Japanesse Ambassador to the United States in Washington.

I informed him of all the craw colors I offered and he said he wanted it in RED.

I dont think siebler_custom_baits was sayin I painted bad, I think he was sayin he would not want it in "Cooked Craw" red.

I fish this lure in Red, White, pumpkin, crawfish brown, and black. Its a killer on pike, smallies and LM's.

We all have our color prefs.

Aw yeah.... My pro staff is fishin this bait (as well as others) as the tounaments get going .

Yall have a good one!

Take Care

Chip :wink:

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