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I'm about to build my first Krank Baits from wood. As I await the arrival of my custom duplicated "Albesia Klone" Bodies, I wanted to go ahead and cut out some lips that I designed for the Kranks. I just thought that I would share my process with the TU members. Some of us (including me) may not have a band saw, so this technique is one alternative.

First I drew a diagram of the lip that I wanted to use on my Krank Baits, I sent it to the guy that's cutting my Krank Bait blanks, and he sent me this PDF file of lip templates.


I cut out a pattern very carefully with a pair of scissors and transferred it to a piece of ridged card board.


I then used the card board template and transferred the pattern onto a piece of 1/8" thick lexan (my preferred lip material).


I then used a pair of Malco snips (made for cutting vinal siding)to cut out my lexan template.


I then used a medium grit drum sanding wheel on my dremel tool to carefully sand down my permanent lexan lip pattern to match my original template from the paper (PDF File) cutout.



Using my lexan pattern, I traced out 6 lip patterns onto a strip of the lexan sheet that is a little wider than the lip itself, to allow room for rough cutting the lips with snips.


I then rough cut the lips just to the outside of my template lines.


And then, I used the drum sanding wheel on my dremel tool to sand down each lip to match my lexan master lip.


Hope this helps someone.


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Thanks for sharing your work , ..........I'm not too fond of cutting my 3 millimetres polycarbonate with snips , as often little cracks evolve which would lead from the cut towards the center of lip . These are usually not very long , so with leaving enough "flesh" on the lips outline , I could afterwards still grind the lip to proper shape on my disc sander showing no flaws no more .

Maybe , my ordinary sheet metal snips are not as suited for this particular cutting job ??

But still I prefer cutting out the lips with a jig saw , that has a piece of a coarse metal bandsaw blade attached(fine toothed jig saw blades always bind into the hot polycarbonate(heated by the friction of the sawblade).

greetz , diemai :yay:

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Take a look at Lincoya's excellent video from this years TU meet. This is how I do all my lips now but watch them fingers.


Thanks for the reminder Phil. I have only recently acquired a supply of lexan, only to discover that it is not pleasant to work with. The belt sander just makes a molten mess, once cleaned up, leaves an ugly chamfer. Once I have settled on a lip pattern, this is the way I will be proceeding.

WD40 to remove glue residue, would never have thought of that.

Anyone who hasn't seen them yet, the rest of the vids are worth viewing also.


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