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what clear coat would be the best?

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hey all you guys, i was wonderin, once i got the lure painted what kind of clear coat to use and where to get it? i dont want a cruddy clear coat , i want a top notch base coat and clear coat. Could I use devcon 2 ton for clear coat would it make a good finish coat??

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Posted: Sat Mar 06, 2004 10:41 am Post subject:


lots of posts/threads on this if you search...I prefer flex-coat high build rod finish for a clearcoat. It has a little longer pot life, weighs less than devcon, and is UV stable (devcon is definitely not). Devcon is ok if the lure is fairly dark, or you are not concerned about color changes in the clearcoat. Or if you plan to throw it in a tree and break it off

Devcon has a large following because it is cheaper, a bit more readily available, and sets up faster. It is pretty easy to work with as a starter. Lots of people get good results with the devcon, just not sure how well they hold up (mine did not hold up well at all). I do not even use it on jigs/spinnerbaits/blades.

There are some other clearcoats, next most popular is probably envirotex lite. I have not used it and will defer to others on its characteristics.

Hope it helps.

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