Bass Tail Slapping Lures & Black Markings On Their Bodies

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Not exactly sure why bass do this, but it seems they do it a lot more around this time of year. They will also hit a lure with their mouth closed or at least that's what it seems like what they're doing when you start catching them in the back of the head. My fishing buddy caught one between 4 and 5 pounds that was hooked in the tail this weekend. I've heard they do this sort of thing when they just want the lure out of their territory and they aren't really trying to eat it. Anyone have any thoughts as to why the do this?

I've also noticed that the bass on Rayburn get black splotches on them this time of year. I used to catch a lot of bass in the winter with black marks randomly placed on their bodies. These black marks seem to disappear when the water warms up. I've never heard a good explanation for this. Do the bass where you guys fish get these marks on them and have you heard any explanation for this?

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In Western North Carolina we will find them like that once in a while, but not often. Your ideas are as good as mine on what causes the spots. Musky Glenn

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I tournament fish a lot and have caught numerous bass with the random black spots.

Always in the fall.

Water temp at or near 57 degrees.

Fish were caught in as little as 1ft clear up to 12ft of water.

As for the slapping of your lure it is to wound there prey (mainly shad this time of year) as to come back to eat a easy meal.

Or you are fishing deep in amongst several fish fighting to get the lure.

Great discussion hope we have more responses.

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