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I was finally able to get some good underwater footage of my KelpKritter swimbaits with the help of a good friend who was willing to jump in the water at Catalina Island on the West Coast in the middle of November.

The area we were filming in, as well as the type of water we fish, has a ton of current so some of the shots look like the bait is falling over on its side as it sinks. This is not a trait of the bait but rather the conditions it is being fished in. In still water the bait swims levels, sinks level and can be slow rolled or burned on the surface without rolling over on its side.

The still shots in the video are of calico bass, a gamefish on the west coast saltwater scene. A fish over ten pounds is considered a fish of lifetime, these are all fish in the 7-8 pound range which is considered an exceptional grade of fish.

Enjoy and please let me know what you think.



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@ KelpKritter

One can clearly figure out about the currents by the underwater plants bending sideward .

Your bait in full action looks very seductive(even to myself :lol: ), and obviously to local fish as well ,.....proven by all of these nice cathes , .......a lure carvers success , I'd say :yes: !

welldone , ......greetz , diemai :yay:

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