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Hi guys. I cant find stainless sinker eyes in #1 long. Regular #1's will work also but I am trying to find a cheaper source. The #1 long's is what I realy want. I bought some on ebay a couple years ago but I have run out. If any of you guys have any you want to sell or know of a good source, I would apreciate the help.

This is what I am talking about

I am looking for 1000-10000 pcs


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This is the company that makes them. They sell them by the pound.

Reading Instrument Company

551 Stracks Dam Rd.

Myerstown, PA 17067

717 866-7214

#1 long stainless is $6.93 per lb. if you buy between 5-24 lbs. This is off my 2008 pricelist, so they may have had an increase, but you won't find them any cheaper.

Hope this helps.


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