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Matt Moreau

Top Coat Idea... Has This Been Tried Yet?

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Howdy guys,

So I finally got some Createx top coat. I know this stuff isnt suitable for use on its own but I began thinking.... can I spray it on a finished bait and then dip the lure in something that I wasnt able to before like brushing lacquer or spar urethane. Before these would wrinkle the paint jobs, but I found it worked fine. A couple coats and days later and the topcoat was perfect. Has anyone ever tried this and really put it to the test? Both of these products have none of the storing issues like DN and I believe are 100% waterproof(need a submersion test to be sure though). From some of my earlier readings(couple years ago) I seem to recall that disavantages were;

1. not compatible with water based paints

- now with a coat of createx top coat it is

2. Anything else?

This could be an answer to a lot of problems if I havent missed somthing, which I probably have! The CTP only is very inexpensive and both urethanes are like $20 for a quart so its fairly inexpensive. Please let me hear the good, bad and ugly on this.


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The lacquer might work, but Spar Urethane turns yellow. I've tried both of those at some point, and here's what I found:

The Urethane was tough enough and had pretty decent build, but it takes forever to dry and it turns brown.

The lacquer was clear and after I solved the problem of it reacting with paint, it seemed to work reasonably well. But then I ran into problems with it not fully curing, and I eventually abandoned it. Now the lacquer not curing could have been due to inadequate stirring on my part, so that may or may not be an issue. The main reason I don't use it is I just don't like messing with it.

The Laquer I used was Minwax Clear Brushing Lacquer. I did a submersion test on a lure coated with it, and it proved to be completely waterproof with zero softening or water absorption after three days underwater. It's also tough, as I found out when I tried to strip down a bait coated with it.

It can take on the color of soft plastic if left in contact with it, but it didn't soften up or react in any other way.

The only way to find out for sure if it's going to work is to try it on some lures. Give it a shot, and see if it works for you.

I hope this helps.


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