Using Csi Vinyl Paint On Soft Plastics

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I needed to paint some soft plastic tails for a Spro BBZ1 knock off and didn't want to wait for the right stuff so used transparent orange and yellow CSI vinyl paint just for giggles on one sample tail. After appropriate drying time, looked the tail over and wasn't very impressed with the finish so threw it on top of the paint booth with a few other misfit projects that never made it to market. Today while cleaning up the shop a little I grabbed the tail and noticed that the finish was still a little sticky and bubbling a bit, so lightly scraped off the paint that was like sunburned skin peeling off your arm. After peeling off the loose material, noticed that the color was still there, actually seemed like the dye penetrated into the plastic without leaving any surface residue, looked pretty professional,....which is rare for my work.

I've used the dips for sprucing up a plastic worm here and there, but didn't have the same effect as this stuff. No big revelation here guys, just an observation....will give a few other colors a try just for kicks.

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I know one thing if you use CSI paint on lead then put plastic grubs on the jig it will have a reaction and the paint will peel of the head. I bet the acetone in the paint leached the color to your plastic. just a guess.

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