How To Paint?

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Lots of info scattered around but I cant find a 123 process.....

1 What kind of primer to dip the bait in?

2 I will use spray paint (no air brush)

3 Sealer? Do you use the D2T as glue or coat the whole bait in it?

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Chas, If you're using rattle can paint, not many of us have experience with it so you won't get much response. All I can suggest is you choose a single brand and line of paint because then you will not have an issue of bubbling or wrinkling when you coat one paint with another (like polyurethane over or under an enamel). Most of us shoot a white color basecoat overall, then colors, then a topcoat. D2T (yes, it's sold as a 30 minute glue) will work fine as a topcoat. Let the paint off gas its solvents for several days, then mix some D2T up, mix in a few drops of denatured alcohol, and brush it on. You need to rotate the bait for about 30-40 minutes after application to prevent the epoxy migrating down the bait. If you don't have a motorized lure turner, you can put wire hangers in the nose and tail of the bait and just switch it upside down every little while until the epoxy begins to harden.

Alternatively, you can spray on a clear coat from the same brand/family as your paint. Some of them probably work OK and it's a lot easier than using epoxy. Hope this helps!

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