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robert giberson

ore rookie baits

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here are two top waters (my first ever) and a crank bait done in my favorite booberry color. Alsoanother jerk and a crank done in my pyscho color, and finally my first attempt at a photo lure with lots of thanks to riverman for his help. This baby has wicked action. Hope you like them.




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Those should bring in alot of muskies! Very nice. The fish won't stand a chance against that jointed one. How much do the topwaters wiegh? What type of wood did you use?


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B) Hi guys thanks for the complements.

As yolu can tell my message was supose to say MORE baits :)

I really appreciate your complements, Considering that I have only been doing this for several (6) months!!

I would also like to say that I appreciate your workmanship, I hope that one day I will be as good as you guys!

As for the baits riverman using the three dimentional eyes, top water baits are made out of maple, I do not have an exact weight but they are very light. Yes, on some baits I do use the plastic eyes with the rattling eye (beggers can't be choosers). LOL

I am working on more photo lures, as well as some more jointed boo berry types. Will post pictures when they are complete!

PS> Thanks to Caralina (SP) Chip, Are Brush, Riverman, Out to Lunge, and Skeeter, for all their help and advice. B) Rob.

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