R.c 2.5 Knock-off's On Ebay?

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152nd, I've never thrown an Academy H2O bait but see lots of posts on bass fishing sites by guys who use and like them. It's all about fish catching and not about looks, in my opinion. I've tried a BUNCH of different knock-offs over the years. Personally, I've never found a "named knock-off" of an expensive Japanese bait that was anything like the original in terms of performance or fishing results. They won't fish the same because they have none of the original's internal design. They are sold to catch fishermen. As someone who cares a lot about bait performance, that's disappointing to me. I don't lump all unfinished plastic baits into that pile - not all of them are made and sold purely as knock-offs. If a guy buys any unpainted bait and likes its looks and catches fish with it, no harm, no foul. But I've become very skeptical about "named knock-offs".

ditto. I have however fished and do fish SOME of the h20 baits, and have had reasonable success with the square billed baits. The first thing you notice is the difference in depth between theirs and the pricier versions. But if you account for that and fish the bait at the proper depth I think in this case you would be satisfied. For those in the Charlotte area, it is only a short trip over to Greenville. I hit a few other spots along the way when I have gone.

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Wonder if the Bass Pro XPS series square bill would be a possibity. Cost less than LC RC's But they are not available mail order in clear blank. Still would have to do your own "art work".

Haven't check pricing compared to Academy. Just thinkin out loud for someone not close to an Academy.

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