Line Tie On Crankbait Lip

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The position of the line tie has a huge effect on the bait's action and stability. Shallow runners generally have good action if the line tie is near the nose of the bait and down on or near the surface of the lip. Whether the line tie is actually placed in the body's nose or incorporated into the lip itself is the builder's choice. When you build a crankbait to run more than 4-5 ft deep, you need more lip length and it becomes necessary to have the line tie out on the lip surface so the pull point is away from the nose of the bait. If you try to keep the tie in the nose, the lure will "blow out" and run on its side or spiral through the water. You can read posts on TU about the physics of lip design but if you want to keep it simple, "Monkey see, monkey do" works pretty well. look at the crankbaits you like to fish and note how their lips and line ties are arranged, specifically the shape and size of the lip, its angle to the body's horizontal axis, and where the line tie is positioned.

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