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A Great Way To Resize Eye Sockets

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Most plastic cranks have eyes sockets that will take 4-5mm eyes, but I usually like to uprgrade to a larger eye. To resize the socket, I use a soldering iron with a modified tip. I got mine from the dollar store for a dollar, and it actually doesn't work bad for soldering. Just loosen the two screws near the tip, place the tip on a hard flat surface and push down until the tip is flush with the shaft. Retighten screws. You can now burn eye sockets for eyes about 7-10mm depending on how high your base coats and clear will build. Don't do this indoors. The fumes are hell. Also you'll probably want to let the iron cool a bit because the meltage can be kind of agressive at full tilt. Be sure not to go deeper than the orignal socket depth. You'll have to trim the flash around the edge with a little knife, but that's easy. One difference between this way and using a router bit or whatever is that even after you trim the flash, a raised area will remain around the socket. You might consider this more realistic, or you might not. I like it. It works great for me!

Warning: Your model may vary. Attempt at the risk of injury or serious death!:)

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