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Drying conveyor

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Coley    8

Has any one thought about a conveyor to cure

baits on?? Conveyor is not really the right word

in this case, but something that runs similar to

one. A chain set at a 45 degree angle with bait

attachments. It could be 8 feet long. My question

is, what speed would it have to run to be as effective

as a round drying wheel?? It could be mounted

on a wall with out taking up much space.

Give me your ideas on this. I imagine at 4-5 rpm

it would really be moving on.

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Joe    0

Coley, I remember an article about Tim Hughes in the Red Man magazine several years ago. With the article were pictures of his work shop and his drying wheel at that time was an old bicycle wheel with what I remember to be clothes pins to hold the lure in place. The wheel was mounted to the wall, so that it took up very little room in the shop. I would think with the wheel, the rotation in even through out, just like many of the dryers the rest of us are using. The only problem with the chain, if I follow your thought process, is that the rotation would not be 360 degrees and parts of the lures may not be rotating as many times as it should, not giving the lure even coverage. I'm not sure if that would make a big difference in the drying process or not. Joe

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Hughesy    72

Actually it was alligator clips on the bike wheel. Here's a picture of one of our wheels now that takes up very little room for the amount of baits it holds. This one holds 520 or thirty something or something like that. I tried the chain thing and found this to be more practical.

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