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Still searching for dem lips

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8O I'm still searching for a supplier of a good assortment of clear diving lips. Several years ago I purchased clear diving bills with the attachment wire all ready installed from Of course soon after they stopped offering sales on tackle making supplies. They had a good assortment, just like the ones used by Lee Sissons and even the coffin bills that are used by Tennessee Tuffy> < even had the TT on those bills. If there was some way to find their supplier, maybe we could add them to the Tackle Supply Shop.

Only if I had bought a bunch back then... instead of an assortment pack... :rolleyes:

Keep searching gang, any help appreciated.


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I also got a few of the bill from Tacklemaking and really liked them. I have been trying to find them from anyone. The ones from Jann's are close to some but not all. I would be the first to purchase some from TU if we could get them in the store.

You are right on about Lee Sissons bill that was one of them. I have tried to call him to see if we could purchase some but have not been able to.

If you find them I would like to know where. I still have a few packet numbers on the onese I purchased.

Maybe Red"G would know where to get them.

Charlie M

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