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VMAXX    0

Im thinking of trying to build a flippin rod similar to the new ones castaway is making I first saw this design about two years ago in a flw outdoors mag. , anyway my problem is I want to use a loomis blank and I want the rod to be 8' in length but the only blanks I've seen are steelhead blanks that are 8' 6" is it possible to cut a blank down ? I realize the action will change but for this rod stiffer is better, Am I going the wrong way here ?

thanks for your input


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Mattman    0

You don't want to use a Steelhead blank!! The design of a Steelhead blank is completely different than the design of a Flippin' stick. The two are nowhere near the same. You would be terribly disapointed.

Cutting 6" out of a blank isn't a really big deal though. IF you had a blank that would work in the first place.

I would extend a 1 piece 7'6" Flippin Stick. Or I would find an 8 footer from another manufacturer. Quite honestly, Loomis isn't the holy grail of fishing rods any more. Quite a few other high quality manufacturers out there.

Take a look at Shikari and Rogue. I know that Shikari has several 8 footers in their line. And I know that St. Croix has a 7'10" in their Avid line.

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