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I've been thinking about lure design a lot lately and eyes keep coming up. I have read articles talking about fish keying on their prey's eyes so ya gotta have big prominent eyes for them to key on. What I don't understand is that the most successful finess lure of all time (at least in Ca.) is the Senko, and it has no eyes at all. Before the Senko I fished Sluggos a lot in gin clear lakes (deadstick) where the bass would swim up to them and look and look then finally swim away. So I glued some eyes on my Sluggo and the bass did exactly the same thing. No difference! I even tell people who tell me eyes are critical that I take the eyes off my lures because predators key in on cripples. In fishing you can make a logical argument for almost anything.

Of course I don't really take the eyes off because in order to hang a lure on the end of my line I gotta have confidence in it. So I like lures with very realistic looking eyes (never the flashy holographic ones) even though I don't really think they make a bit of difference. What about you?

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