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Speacial features...

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Hello all,

I am trying to come up with a list of features that you can find on custom baits.

As you people are the leading edge in experimental designs I am asking for your help.

If you can think of anything that I missed please add them to this thread.

Thanks for your valuable input.



Glow in the dark / fluorescent paint

Sound generating devices( rattles, electronics, etc...)

Scent chambers


Casting weights

Coloured hooks





Bleeding injury marks



Dressed hooks (hair or small blade)

Moving limbs

Holographic finishes

Photographic finishes

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IMHO, If I were in the Lure Making business I would NOT use any of those for features on one of my "CUSTOM" Made Baits. To me, any manufacturer can produce any of those qualities (or as I call it... GIMMICKS) mentioned if not all of them! To me, a "CUSTOM" made lure is just that! "CUSTOM" Its a one of a kind. Its made just for me! Custom to me ALSO means that Its Handcrafted, and quality checked AND it should be made to my specifications. If I want an exclusive paint job on a lure, that to me thats also custom. If I want a 15 foot deep diver thats a flat sided bait.... in a Firetiger design or a Shad imitation that also suspends and if I want it to be 3 1/4 inches long, I expect a custom lure maker to be able to build me one! I want to know that Im getting a One Of a Kind lure, that Quality Craftsmanship went into it and I have a builder who stands behind their product. Also a product that when I get it and open the package... it knocks me off my socks. After all "Thats why I would pay the bigger bucks for a custom made lure!" All those other features you mentioned to me are just "GIMMICKS" I dont think QUALITY LURE MAKERS need gimmicks. I have checked out a few of the webpages on those who offer input to the readers here. We have some GOOD Qualified Lure Designers who practice an AWESOME CRAFT! And have some products that KNOCK my Sox off! Man If I were a fish.... I would eat them. So get off the Gimmicks and go with the quality and handcrafted and inspected and one of a kind! THATS WHAT CUSTOM MEANS BABY!! Cody

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The question was asked to try and make a comprehensive list of features one could find on a lure.

From your post I will add a sidebar and include a few adjectives one would want to see in their lure as well.

Let's see, you mentioned "quality", "handcrafted" and "inspected". These are all great features and will be added.

Thanks for your input...


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