Weedless Topwater Bait

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cool stuff man. i've never fished any of that style before. I'm surprised the hook-up ratio would be less than that of any other soft plastic (frog) body since the hook is more exposed on your lure. However, I can see a fish being able to throw the lure quite easily with the use of the weight of the body.

Heck, you don't know until something slams it! Good luck! Lure looks awesome!

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Thanks a lot , fellas , ....always glad if I'd be able to provide some input :worship: !

@ littleriver

Vic , .....I've been making lure propellers with unsymetrical blades before , ........just don't know , why I did not think of it in terms of a paddle wheel either , ........ingenious idea of yours , ......whenever I'd feel like having another go on a paddler I'll get back to it , .....thanks so much for your inspiration :worship: !

@ BigBassMan

My wife sometimes wants my reject lures as well to hang them amongst all of her fancy stuff on the balcony :lol: , so they still serve a purpose besides of that we have learned from them !

@ saltshaker

This PVC stuff is just incredible buoyant , .......first tied those two brass scrab pieces onto it and it still could carry them , had to go down the shop and get two more to anchor it finally ;) !

@ mark poulson

Thanks , Mark , ......but in fact my wife's not patient at all , ....but I'm a north German , we are infamous to be stubborn breed :lol::lol: !

@ RayburnGuy , @ mark poulson

Ben and Mark , you're pretty much right , I guess , .........I've made such lures before after book pictures , a bit smaller , BUT with a belly hook and without a skirt , ..........this second treble surely helps to turn the lure into the right direction for the cupped plane pointing straight back towards the angler, thus providing the best and most reliable function .

I only did not want a belly hook on this lure , because it surely would have permanently fouled with the skirt .

But a little weight instead would have certainly done the job as well , ........and even if the lure would just cant a tad off it's vertical swimming level , ....who cares ?

Thanks for pointing out , Ben :worship: , ........gotta think of it next time .

@ A-Mac

To be honest , .....I have never hooked a fish on such lures , ....too seldom I'm fishing the padfields . Back one summer day this year I've had three attacks of small , unexperienced pike on a similar lure worked over waterweed , ...but all had missed !

I have fished those plastic frogs before as well , ..had a few strikes of pike , but no hook-ups either .

I believe , that these particular bass lures are not that well-suited for pike , because the fish really has to engulf the lure with it's jaws and squeeze it to get the hookpoints free to protrude sufficiently to find grip for a hookset .

Bass have very large mouth and virtually suck in their prey , maybe even hold on for a longer time , ...pike only rather take a brief but vicious bite , somewhat already protruding hook points would surely be of advantage for this species , I believe .

Apart from that , these plastic mice and frogs won't survive more than max. three pike , I guess , .......they'd simply shred them to pieces .

Thanks again for your interest , friends , .......greetz , Dieter :yay:

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