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Sealing Baits

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czar    0

I have been making Musky lures for a short period of time and have come up with a method of sealing the wood that seems to work well

I mix 1/2 a pint of Lacquer Thinners with about 1/2 lb of white polystyrene

chips (free packing material) the final mix should be the thickness of Maple syrup (thick milk) it will dry in under 10 mins and if the thickness is correct it will soak into the wood approx 1/32. a light sand with 400 grit and then a second coat followed with a light rub with 000 wire wool will seal and key the lure for painting with createx paints

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cheesehead    0

:huh: Don't use white foam bead board style insulation, it doesn't work. It melts into a big goey glob and doesn't harden even if you can get it to spread on youre lure.

I poured some out on a board and after 36 ours it was still as soft as chewing gum.

I'll have to try some of those packing peanuts this weekend.

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