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Custom Bass Lure - Createx Painting Lure

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I´m new in painting bass crankbaits with airbrush.

The firts lures i have painting are with spray, but are very dificult and the final result are not the better !

I participate in some local bass tournament and i want paint some lures in patterns i like. I have bought a airbrush and some createx pearl colors !

Now i want paint some patterns like (sexy shad, Foxy Shad, Chartreuse Sexy Shad, and more 2 colors i like very mutch one is Jackall TN 70 kinkuro color:

and the other are chrome shad :

Can someone tell me how i have to do, to obtain this colors and fases painting (how color to begin and color to finish) ? If possible i want to know if is possible using createx airbrush colors, because work very well with my airbrush !

Someone know where i can find a manual or instructions for do this patterns or others ?

Just one more question, what are the createx color i have to bought, because i just have some pearl colors, and i dont know what more type createx color are more used (transparent, opaque, iridescent or fluorescent) ? I need know the most used in eatch category for not buy all colors .... ?

* - The colors i have are: Createx Pearl white, Opaque black, Pearl Silver, Pearl turquoise and Pearl cooper !


Nuno from Portugal

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