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Old Bass Magnet Lure,

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An AR, wildlife biologist introduced me to to the "greatest Small Mouth Creek Lure" he had ever used. He bought a bunch of blanks in the 70 or 80 and painted them up and they always worked. He said that the lure disappeared despite its success. His only guess was because Largemouth Bass took over the scene in the 80's and the lure does not work in ponds or lakes. As far as I can tell it is the old Billy Westmorland Bass Magnet lure. Which may have been bought out by Bass Hunter lures. (not the newest one though). Does any one know where to get blanks or a mold to make this lure.

Have any of you used the Bass Magnet and is it worth reproducing.

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is this what you are looking for


Yeah these do look similar to the one I have. Different paint though. I might still try to reproduced them a little cheaper then what they have here so I will be able to sink them straight down into the rocks were the fish are.

Thanks May need these for models

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