Ballast And Rattle Poduct And Source?

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Hey what do you guys use for ballast and to make rattles on a hollow crankbait. I have cracked a few open and most use stainless steel balls.

Those are hard to find. I cracked open some shotgun shells that said steel and found some black balls that I guess would work. Size BB (a little to big for me, and some six 6 Little to small) neither were stainless.

I am making small lures 1/4 to 1/10 so I am looking for smaller.

I did find some stainless BB'S


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Shotgun pellets are made in a variety of sizes. Lead was outlawed for hunting waterfowl. Steel is one of the things that replaced lead for this type of hunting. Seems like bismuth was another and there could be more that I don't know about since I quit hunting quite a few years ago. If you have a shooting range anywhere close you could check with them as a lot of those guys load their own shells and they might give you enough to ballast a bunch of baits. The link below will show you a pellet size chart. Steel shot is not available in all the sizes that lead is, but there should be some that would fit your needs.


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