Iwata Revolution Br Or Hp-cr

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Ive been thinking about getting my first airbrush and have narrowed it down to these two and cant decide which one to get. also i had a question about how to clean the paint out of the airbrush when you change colors.any tips would be great thanks

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I have the Iwata HP-CR that I use for my thicker paints and pearls. It has been a great little airbrush and I have been using it for two years now.

When changing paints, I keep a spray bottle full of water, to rinse out the airbrush between colors. Once you spray the paint out of the brush, fill the paint cup with water and place your finger over the tip of the brush and push the trigger on the brush, to make it backflush. This will make the remainder of the paint come out of the brush. You can go from light paint to dark without having to clean out the brush. Just make sure to fully clean the brush well after each day of painting. Hope that helps a little!!

You can use the Search Bar and put in "Cleaning Your Airbrush" and get lots of good advice for keeping a clean airbrush.


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