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kejeon    4

I guess most guys here carve wood. And I've no idea how this will work.Because shipping is a big issue.

If you want to sell some chrome plating KOs, I'm sure some guys would buy it if the price is reasonable, but you won't make much money that way.

I suggest you to contact you local lure builders, they might want chrome plating some lures.


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Brent R    42

He got more for that lure.....than i got for my ex wife.......LOL.......and then the guy wanted to sell her back to me.....even offered me 50 dollars to boot.....

I moved the next day........LOL

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BobP    832

Hey guys..

I have a system for chrome plating plastic and was wondering if there would be any intrest if I were to start selling chrome lures? Any input would be great....Michelle

Chrome plating is popular on crankbaits but usually only available on factory-built lures; few if any custom lure makers do chrome plating, relying instead on foil. If you want to sell finished lures, offering chrome plated versions would probably be a benefit, as long as the lures are otherwise first class products. If you just want to sell chrome plating, I think there might be less demand. You might find some custom builders who would welcome a cost-effective source to have wood baits chromed instead of foiling them (a rather labor intensive process). JMHO

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